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CWMC 2021-22 Season Info: 

STEP 1: Pay online with Paypal here (no PayPal account required!)
STEP 2: Register your Wrestler(s) and/or Cheerleader(s) here

Registration will not be complete until BOTH payment and contact information is received. If you paid but did not save your transaction ID# to the registration form, or for any other questions or issues with the registration process, please send an email to the webmaster, Tony Wirebach or call or text him at 484-577-1340. For cash or check payments, just add "please confirm" in the transaction ID# field of the registration form, and email or text Tony to confirm payment.



If you are interested in coaching either Cheer or Wrestling, we will need you to have the following background checks completed before we allow you into the practice room. Please fill out the required information and UPLOAD YOUR BACKGROUND CHECK FILES HERE ... OR email your documentation to Tony Wirebach (tonyw@evgrfx.com) or Ed Yudiski (cwmcpresident@gmail.com).

More detail about the latest background check requirements can be viewed / downloaded HERE.

State police -

PA Dept. of Public Welfare, Child Abuse History -

FBI waiver -
If you have lived in PA for the last 10 years, you are exempt from the FBI database / fingerprint background check.
Otherwise, the 3rd type of background check documentation is required, available HERE.

Donated Wrestling Shoes Available:

Parents, if your child is interested in wrestling, but you don't want to spend the money on new shoes, we have plenty of donated shoes in the storage room. Just ask a Mat Club coach or volunteer and we will try to find you a pair that's just their size. A limited supply of head gear and other equipment or apparel is available too. Just ask! 

(Please make sure all used equipment is washed thoroughly to reduce the risk of any skin conditions!)

Got Shoes or other used equipment to donate? Old shoes (or headgear, etc.) can be passed on to a coach or parent volunteer in the club, and we will share them with any kids in need.

Thank you for your support!

C.W.M.C. Seasonal Year-End Videos:

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Check out the LINKS PAGE for updates on Summer Wrestling Camp and related topics. Information on the web site will be kept as current as possible in the off season.

*2017-18 CW School Team Schedules: High School | Jr. High

*Schedules subject to change.

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