Hello CW Mat Club Family,

This Saturday is our awesome car wash. The car wash is from 10AM – 2PM. Please have your child arrived by 9:30. The more volunteers we have the better it will be. Please stop by and attend the car wash! If you can’t stay the whole time please give however much time you can.

If you are not able to make the car wash to help wash cars please plan on stopping by to pick up your duck derby tickets. We are asking each child to sell 5 tickets. They are $5 a piece. We need the ticket money and/or the unsold duck tickets returned by July 2nd. We have an open gym at the YMCA that day from 12PM – 1PM.

If anyone could please everyone take time out of your busy schedules it will be GREATLY appreciated.

Matt Kramlich

“Why my kids will wrestle... ”Cael Sanderson

Donated Wrestling Shoes Available:

Parents, if your child is interested in wrestling, but you don't want to spend the money on new shoes, we have plenty of donated shoes in the storage room. Just ask a Mat Club coach or volunteer and we will try to find you a pair that's just their size. A limited supply of head gear and other equipment or apparel is available too. Just ask! 

(Please make sure all used equipment is washed thoroughly to reduce the risk of any skin conditions!)

Got Shoes or other used equipment to donate? Old shoes (or headgear, etc.) can be passed on to a coach or parent volunteer in the club, and we will share them with any kids in need.

Thank you for your support!

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